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Call 952-212-6266 or use the form below to request an Inspection.

Depending on the size and age of the home a typical inspection will take 2-3 hours. There will then be a walk through lasting approximately 1 hour where I will explain everything that was found and to answer all questions.

A 15-20 page detailed report including pictures is presented the same day as the inspection. This report will also include suggested repairs to the issues that are found, and important home maintenance information.

The form below can be used to enter inspection information. (please note that urgent inspection requests should be made by phone for the fastest service).

Inspection Request Form (optional)
Inspection Date:
Inspection Start Time:
Walk-Through Time:
(Time client will arrive)
Inspection Address:
Phone Number:
Home Purchase Price $
Realtor Name:
Realtor Phone:

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